The Roads Miami Real Estate

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The Roads Miami Real Estate 

The Roads Miami is also an entire off-grid plan section of the city of Miami. The streets and avenues in Miami-Dade County are aligned to a grid, where streets run east-west and avenues run north-south. The Roads Miami run from Broadway to SW 32nd Road are roughly 45 degrees out of alignment with the grid-plan. The avenues running perpendicular to these roads are also 45 degrees out of alignment with their respective avenues coming from the north. The avenues in this section run northeast-southwest rather than the standard north-south that the ones in the rest of the county follow. This causes an abrupt change in numerical designation as they cross SW 12th Avenue (SW 5th Avenue turns west and becomes SW 18th Street, SW 4th Avenue turns west and becomes SW 20th Street, SW 2nd Avenue turns west and becomes SW 22nd Street, etc.) The most well known example of this confusion is when historic Coral Way being SW 3rd Avenue, makes a 45 degree turn onto SW 22nd Street as it crosses over SW 12th Avenue.

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The Roads Miami Transportation

The Roads Miami Real Estate has two Metrorail stations nearby, the Brickell Station, and the Vizcaya Station. In addition to Metrorail, the Metromover’s Brickell Loop connects to Metrorail at the Brickell Station, which is close to The Roads, allowing free transit to Downtown. The Metromover is free and stations can be found at roughly every two blocks in Downtown and Brickell. Many bus routes run through The Roads, mostly through Coral Way, The Road’s main avenue.

Metrorail has stops throughout Miami with connections to Miami International Airport, all Miami-Dade County bus lines, Tri-Rail and Amtrak. The main bus station in Downtown is located next to the Arsht Center at the Adrienne Arsht Center Station.

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